Tour of the historical hanseatictown

Tour of the historical hanseatictown

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A historical tour of Uelzen's past

Welcome to our journey back trough Uelzen's past! The mediaeval town dates back to a settlement near a 10th century monastery in the district of Oldenstadt. Following disputes with their landlord, the Bishop of Verden, some of the residents, led by thei mayor Bernhard Nigebuhr, up and moved to the west banks of the Ilmenau river araund 1250. They founded their own town with plenty of plans in mind. It was granded all due rights in 1270. In 1374, Uelzen became a member of the Hanseatic League and its economy continued to grow up into the 17th century when, in 1646, a disastrous fire decimated large parts of the town.

Today, many charming half-timbered facades testify to swift and committed rebuilding of the town. In 1826, another fire destroyed parts of the old town to the east. Painful gashes were also inflicted during the Second World War. Today's blend of gothic structures, half-timbewred buildings of the modern age as well as recently constructed buildings continue to bear witness to the severity of these events. 

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